Take Refuge

Searching for Jesus

Searching for Jesus

So, how’s your holiday season going so far? Tree up? House decorated? Presents starting to stack up? Travel plans made?

Odd how a season meant to bring us so much joy can feel like the world’s longest to-do list. Sigh.

For the next 90 seconds, let’s escape from all the craziness and take refuge in the Lord and in His Word. This is what Christmas is all about. This is what matters.

Let all who take refuge in you be glad;
let them ever sing for joy. 
Psalm 5:11

Take a deep breath. No, really. Breathe.
Think about the magnificence and the greatness of God.
Consider the many blessings He has poured into your life.
If you feel the urge to smile, do so.
Now you’re ready.

Let all who take refuge in you be glad; Psalm 5:11

Let all who take refuge in you be glad;…  Psalm 5:11

Never mind climbing onto Santa’s lap and telling him what we want for Christmas. Let’s climb onto our heavenly Father’s lap and rest in His loving arms.

Because what we really want for Christmas is peace, contentment, and deep joy.

And so, we run to Him “for protection” (CEV), we “take shelter” (NET) in Him, and put our “trust” (AMP) in Him. Only then can we “rejoice” (ASV) and “be happy!” (NET)

All the Christmas gifts in the world pale in comparison to God’s greatest gift: the pleasure of His Son’s company forever.

let them ever sing for joy. Psalm 5:11

…let them ever sing for joy. Psalm 5:11

We’re talking “always” (CEV) and “forever!” (CEB) Not one sacred day, not one special month, but every day of every month of every year “to the age” (YLT).

Christmas is our chance to show the world that Jesus came for them. He is the reason we “celebrate” (CEB) and “party” (MSG) and “break out in joyful song” (VOICE). His goodness inspires us to “shout for joy” (ASV) and “sing out loud” (CEB) and “rejoice and triumph” (GNV) and “make full out joy without end” (WYC).

Right now, in your heart and mind, put aside everything that hinders your joy and run into His sheltering embrace.

Lord Jesus, protect us from our own foolish desires. Keep us from spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need. Let our entire focus this season be the gift of You. Help us sing for joy so others may hear and wonder at Your goodness.

“Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’” (Matthew 1:23 NLT)

Matthew 1:23

Three books you might consider for gift giving: A Wreath of Snow, The Women of Christmas, and my new Parable Treasury for children.

Your grateful sister, Liz
Your sister, Liz Curtis Higgs BibleGateway Blogger Grid I am honored to write for P31 Ministries Love being part of (in)courage!
P.S. I was recently featured on Focus on the Family, sharing from my heart about Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna: The Women of Christmas. As time permits, take a listen.

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