Boldness is a Beautiful Thing

Boldness is a Beautiful Thing

“A crown means nothing unless the head wearing it is filled with wisdom and good judgment.” ~ It’s Good to Be Queen

Chapter One: It’s Good to Be Bold

Here we go! If you have a copy of It’s Good to Be Queen, you’re ready to rock. If you need to order one, it’s easily managed at If that’s not your plan, you’ll find lots here to encourage you.

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Now, let’s start with a snapshot of our queen: 

  • Her story is found in 1 Kings 10:1-13.
  • She lived in the tenth century B.C.
  • Her country was likely in southwest Arabia.
  • Her palace was in the inland city of Ma’rib.
  • She prized wisdom above all things.
  • She was a worshiper of many gods.
  • She was destined to meet the one true God (best part!).

You’re going to love this woman’s story.

Last week I offered snippets of wisdom from the queen of Sheba and asked which one spoke to you. “Be bold and take frequent leaps of faith” was high on your list, coming in at #3. Wonderful, because God’s kingdom needs bold women to do His bold work.

Tamie shared, “Many times I hesitate before stepping out. I want to be bold enough to move the first time I sense His call.” She’s not the only one. Some of us hear that call a dozen times before we move, then wonder, “What was I waiting for?”

Even so, God is patient with us. He’s not surprised at our hesitancy or frustrated by delays. The moment we’re ready, He fills us with His boldness through the Holy Spirit.

It’s not you being bold for God. It’s God being bold for you.

We definitely see His boldness at work three thousand years ago, calling Sheba to His side.


"...she came to test Solomon..." 1 Kings 10:1

When the queen of Sheba
heard about the fame of Solomon
and his relationship to the Lord,
she came to test Solomon
with hard questions. 1 Kings 10:1

You probably noticed the word bold isn’t in this verse…but it’s clear Sheba’s actions fit the bill. Having learned about Solomon’s wisdom, Sheba traveled fifteen hundred miles across the Arabian Desert to test him, thinking she might best him with her difficult riddles.

Now, look at the middle line of the verse: “his relationship to the Lord.” That’s what put Sheba on a camel bound for Jerusalem. She realized if Solomon was the wisest man on earth, then his God must be even more wise, more powerful. No wonder she wanted to see His magnificence for herself.

The hardest part is waiting for her to get there. Come on, chapter two!

If you’ve already answered the questions in the Study Guide, I am beyond proud of you. I’ll take a stab at one, then invite you to share what you’ve learned so far.

It's Good to Be Bold

From the Study Guide

What do you find appealing about Sheba’s boldness?
I love her sense of urgency. She heard. She went. We have no record of her dithering over the idea, weighing the pluses and minuses. She heard. She went.

The times I’ve made a bold move for a righteous reason, it was always God’s idea. Go. Now. But, the times I’ve made a bold move for a selfish reason, I usually talked myself into it, then plowed forward on my own steam. Disaster.

If being bold comes naturally to you, how might you use it for advancing God’s kingdom?
Since boldness comes a little too naturally to me, God has been tempering my take-charge approach and urging me to listen before I speak, to consider other people’s opinions before I offer mine, and to fearlessly follow His lead, without looking over my shoulder to see who else is coming.

The apostle Paul was definitely bold, yet he urged God’s people to speak the truth in love. Boldness should look like affection, not aggression. Like love, in action.

Heavenly Father, I have so much to learn about true boldness. The kind that’s not of the flesh, but of the Spirit; not my will, but Your will. When I need to be bold, lead the way. When I need to be still, hold me in place. Let my words be Your Word, spoken in love.


Now, it’s your turn: If being bold is a stretch for you, why is it important to make the effort? Please share your thoughts below. Can’t wait for next week when Sheba arrives in Jerusalem!

Your grateful sister, Liz
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