Live Audio CDs

Ready for some serious fun?
Here are three live presentations on audio CDs to inspire and entertain you!

Beautiful You: Let's All Say "Ta-da!" Journey to Joy: Finding the Way Home Good Clean Fun: A Life Bathed in Laughter

Printable Order Form for Liz’s Audio CDs

Beautiful You: Let’s All Say “Ta-da!”
The message of Liz’s heart for women of all ages, all sizes, all stages: you are created by God, loved by God, and beautiful by any measure!
Running time: 32 minutes

Journey to Joy: Finding the Way Home
Follow this prodigal daughter as she wanders off to the Far Country, before finally turning toward home. A message of hope, wrapped in humor.
Running time: 33 minutes

Good Clean Fun: A Life Bathed in Laughter
From singleness to marriage to motherhood to the workplace, everything goes better with laughter! Some of Liz’s best-loved stories, old and new.
Running time: 37 minutes

Hundreds of women (and one amazing sound man) gathered for an evening of humor and heartfelt encouragement. Oh, did we have fun! My messages—and your joy and laughter—were captured on 3 half-hour audio CDs, reasonably priced and ready to pop into your CD player. A great way to shorten your next trip or brighten your morning workout. Anybody you know need a good reason to giggle?

“The best medicine a girl could ever ask for.” Barbara
“Delightful…a breath of fresh air.” Lyn
“I shook, I snorted, and I almost leaked!” Donna
“Never laughed so hard and never needed it so badly!” Suzette

These CDs are available only by mail and only from our office. Here’s an easy-to-print order form. Happy listening!

Printable Order Form for Liz’s Audio CDs