Welcome to the Forgiven Life!

I’ve been waiting for you. Holding this good news close to my heart, longing to share it.

And now here you are, standing on the threshold.

To say that I’m glad to see you is a major understatement. Thrilled is more like it. Curb my enthusiasm? No way. Not when it’s you.

There are a few things about you that I don’t know: your age, your appearance, your occupation. Facts that describe you but don’t define you and have little bearing here.

There are also things about you that I do know because we share them: the need to be loved unconditionally, the desire to live a life that truly matters, the longing to shed a tightly woven mantle of guilt.

Or am I the only woman who wears past failures and present mistakes like an old wool coat, scratchy and uncomfortable, chafing the skin around my neck?

Maybe it’s time to release that burden and lift our arms toward the One who loves us most.

That’s what my ministry to women is all about: slipping off the old and putting on the new. Letting go of the past and embracing freedom with our whole hearts.*

So glad you stopped by, beloved. I look forward to getting to know you better!



*From Embrace Grace. Copyright © 2006 Liz Curtis Higgs. Excerpted by permission of WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.