Israel: Our Journey Begins

Amazing. Thrilling. Life-changing. Mind-boggling. Our Women of the Bible Tour of the Holy Land was everything I prayed it might be and more.

In my heart, you traveled there with us. Now let me take you there through words and photos.

Welcome Sign in Israel

I had zero fears or worries while in Israel. Felt entirely safe. Would go back in a heartbeat. Could spend a year in Jerusalem. Our Israeli guide, Hedva, was so knowledgeable and passionate, she energized us all (good thing, because we walked our feet off!). Her English/Hebrew Bible was often in hand.

Scriptures in English and Hebrew

The three dozen mothers and daughters, sisters and friends who joined me were the best of traveling companions. Truly harmonious. No unkind words, no whining! We came from sixteen different states—Oregon to Florida, New Mexico to New Jersey—and two Canadian provinces.


Seven women of the Bible were represented among us: Mary and Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, Anna, Deborah, and Ruth. Our ages spanned from 20 to 83, yet our hearts beat as one. Strangers at the airport, we were Sisters of the Mud a mere ten days later. Incredible!

Let the adventure unfold…

Jerusalem Jewish Quarter

As the El Al signs reminded us when we checked in, “It’s not just an airline. It’s Israel.” We all clapped when the plane landed in Tel Aviv, and many of us had tears in our eyes. I kept thinking, “I’ve loved the Lord and his Word for 30 years. What took me so long?!” The weather was warm but not hot, thanks to a soft breeze off the Mediterranean. And the view of that turquoise-blue water from the hotel window was spectacular.

Mediterranean View

We headed for the ancient port of Joppa, or Jaffa, where we climbed to a vantage point overlooking the harbor, and I taught about Dorcas/Tabitha from Acts 9:36-42. To think of Peter raising her from the dead somewhere nearby! Serious goose bumps. As the sun was setting we saw the house of Simon the Tanner, then walked through the beautifully restored port area. Thanks, Bev, for the great photo.

Joppa at Night

With a fingernail moon in the sky we had dinner at a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant, Babar and The Sea, where I fell in love with hummus. Oh, the olive oil! The garlic! The spices! Yummus. Back to the hotel we went at last, more than ready for a good night’s sleep.

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