Wonderful, Marvelous, Miraculous Deeds

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

Mind if I use the LRV translation on this one, the Lizzie Revised Version? “Encourage one another as long as it is called ‘Wednesday.’” Because as long as it’s still called Wednesday somewhere (French Polynesia, the Cook Islands), then our Wonderful Wednesday study isn’t really late, right? It’s simply living in another time zone.

Thank goodness words like these are timeless:

We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 75:1 

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

This verse is in every way delicious and all kinds of wonderful. Before we dive in, suppose we take a half step back to catch the opening instructions:

For the director of music. To the tune of “Do Not Destroy.” A psalm of Asaph. A song.

Asaph was a Levite who lived during the time of David. Along with other musicians from his tribe, he “stood on the east side of the altar, dressed in fine linen and playing cymbals, harps and lyres” (2 Chronicles 5:12). Quite the spectacle. And did I mention there were also 120 priests sounding trumpets? Whoa.

These ancient Israelites were definitely making a joyful noise, but what did it sound like? Can anyone hum a few bars of “Do Not Destroy”? Sadly, the musical notes are lost to antiquity, but we can speak, shout, or sing this psalm to a melody of our own choosing.

Here we go…

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

We praise you, God, we praise you,… Psalm 75:1

Gotta love the repetition: “We shall acknowledge to thee, we shall acknowledge” (WYC). Indeed, we shall, Lord. Praising and praising and blessing and blessing. “Yes, we give thanks!” (CEB).

He deserves an extra measure of praise, a second serving of thanks, an additional acknowledgement. How often do I thank people over and over for their small kindnesses, and yet I thank the Lord only once for His endless outpourings of love?

Lord, let me take a page from the psalmist and double my praise.

“We give thanks to you, O God! We give thanks!” (NET).

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

…for your Name is near;… Psalm 75:1

Though not every translation or paraphrase capitalizes the word Name, I love when they do: “Your Name is near” (AMPC) and “your Name is our favorite word” (MSG). So right.

When we speak His Name — Jesus, Lord, Savior, Messiah, Wonderful — we become more aware of His presence. He doesn’t move; we do and are moved to praise Him. “Our God, we thank you for being so near to us!” (CEV).

Nothing on earth is more comforting or more praiseworthy than His presence.

Wonderful Wednesday Psalm 75:1

…people tell of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 75:1

Imagine a worship service where His “mighty works are all we talk about” (MSG). An hour or more during which people declare God’s “wondrous works” (CSB) and “marvelous deeds” (CEB), calling them out to one another in joyous celebration.

No sermon, no offering, no printed bulletins, just the chance to “rehearse” (AMPC) His wonders and “recount” (ESV) His wonderful deeds and “tell about the miracles” (NCV) our God has performed throughout eternity:

  • “He made the sun, the moon, and the stars!”
  • “He knit me in my mother’s womb!”
  • “He sacrificed His Son for our salvation!”

Maybe you’ve participated in a service like that. Call me next time? Please?

I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.” Psalm 86:12

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Thanks for joining me for another Wonderful Wednesday!

Your sister, Liz

P.S. The photos here were taken one bright winter’s day in Texas Hill Country. And the beautiful sheep painting above is the work of Fifi LeFan, a dear friend and gifted artist. Grateful to have her work hanging in my writing study, so I can get lost in those green hills whenever the mood strikes.

P.P.S. If you missed last week’s Wonderful Wednesday in the Word on Facebook LIVE, listen and watch as I share the joyous (and slightly hilarious) story of a New Testament Jesus Girl caught in the middle of a series of miracles!

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