A New Thing

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When I chose the word new as my theme for 2020, I quickly found out God is all about new.

His people made offerings of new grain (Numbers 28:26). They carried the ark of the Covenant using a new cart (2 Samuel 6:3). And the prophet Elisha requested a new bowl filled with salt to purify Jericho’s water (2 Kings 2:20). All three verses include the same word in Hebrew, chadash, meaning (you guessed it) new.

We get the spiritual significance of using something new. It’s clean, pure, undefiled. Holy and set apart.

But what about when God does something chadash, something altogether new in our lives? That’s what this month’s verse is all about.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

See,… Isaiah 43:19

God wants us to open our eyes, to “watch closely” (VOICE). It’s a call to action. “Behold” (DRA). “There it is!” (CEV). “Look!” (CEB).

He understands how easily we focus on temporal things — what’s for lunch? what’s on Netflix? — and miss seeing eternal things unfolding all around us. Miracles and wonders only God could orchestrate. Blessings we take for granted, from the birth of a child to the dawn of a new day.

…I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:19

Once we fix our gaze on Him, the Lord gives us a heads-up: He is “going to do” (EXB) something we’ve not seen before, and is “about to carry out” (ISV) “a brand-new thing” (TLB).

My pulse quickens, imagining what it might be. The God who can do any thing will surely do a good thing, especially if it’s a new thing.

Are you feeling stuck in the same old thing? The same routine? The same daily grind? Then this good news is especially for you, beloved: God is doing something new.

Now it springs up;… Isaiah 43:19

Just the word we need this winter: the hope of a new season on the horizon. “Even now it is coming” (CSB), the Lord assures us. In fact, He declares, “I have already begun!” (NLT).

Because we’ve had some unusually warm days in Louisville, I’ve been watching for crocus to appear on our lawn. God is asking us to pay even more attention to signs of progress in our spiritual walk, to the doors of opportunity He is flinging open for us, and the certainty of His efforts on our behalf, “bursting out!” (MSG).

…do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19

Because God knows us so well, He offers a second reminder to keep our eyes on what He’s doing in our lives. “Be alert, be present” (MSG), he cautions us. “Will you not give heed to it?” (AMPC).

We’re trying, Lord. The truth is, we get so bogged down with old things, dead things, we struggle to see new things, fresh things, even as You promise us, “you can see it now!” (GNT).

I am making a way in the wilderness… Isaiah 43:19

Wilderness? Oh, we get that. Dry and barren days full of going through the motions. But that’s not where God wants us to live, which is why He is charting a new path, “a road in the desert” (CJB).

We get so stuck in the now, we can’t see the next. But God can.

…and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

How like our God, to refresh us when we need it most. A friend calls, a letter arrives, a text appears, a prayer is answered, and suddenly life is good again. “Waters will flow where there had been none” (VOICE) and in the “dry and empty land” (NIrV) we discover “flowing streams” (TPT).

The literal translation? “In a desolate place — floods” (YLT), something God alone could miraculously accomplish.

Only you and the Lord know the dry and empty places in your soul. Are you ready to believe He is doing something new for you this year?

Our special giveaway this month? Two copies of a new forty-day devotional, Women of Courage, by our friends at (in)courage,  and two lovely Woman of Courage necklaces from DaySpring. I chose our two winners on Friday, February 7. Congrats to Amy and Mary.

You are still welcome to leave a comment below, sharing the new thing you sense God doing in your life this year. I promise, your words will encourage your sisters.

Last month on Facebook LIVE, we celebrated the mercies of God, which are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23). If you missed it, take a listen. For our First Wednesday in February, we discovered the new command (John 13:34) Jesus gave His followers. That lively teaching awaits you here!

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