His Wonderful Deeds

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My camera is never busier than during the month of October. Ohhh, the scarlet and gold beauties out there. Suppose we gaze at some glorious trees as we consider His glorious deeds (and get ready for a colorful giveaway!).

Cause me to understand the way of your precepts, that I may meditate on your wonderful deeds. Psalm 119:27

Cause me to understand… Psalm 119:27

Four words in English, but just one word in the original Hebrew: bin, “to discern.” Since we can’t discern the precepts of the Lord on our own, we’re asking Him to break it down for us.

However we say it — “make me understand” (CJB) or “learn thou me”” (WYC) or “help me” (NCV) — it’s a heartfelt cry for clarity. Once we understand the how and why of something, it’s easier to grasp what it means for us.

…the way of your precepts,… Psalm 119:27

(Sidebar: When I hear the word precepts, I immediately think of Kay Arthur, who has been teaching God’s Word, “precept upon precept,” for nearly six decades. The last time I heard her speak, she was still on point and still on fire for the Lord. My hero.)

Isn’t it wonderful that we can ask God to help us grasp what His “precepts are about” (CEB)? We don’t have to simply take Him at His Word (though we can, of course). Rather, He invites us to know the “meaning” (CSB) and “function” of His “rules” (NIrV) and “commandments” (NLT).

He loves us enough to make certain we understand His teachings “inside and out” (MSG). And here’s what He asks us to do with that knowledge…

…that I may meditate on… Psalm 119:27

Now, that’s a surprise. Having taught us all His commandments, you’d think God would expect us to act on them immediately. To work, work, work. To do, do, do.

But that’s not what this verse says. We’re to “think deeply about” (NIrV) everything He has created. To “contemplate” (CEB) and “ponder” (MSG) the wonderful things He has done, instead of focusing on who we are and what we might accomplish.

It seems God is far more interested in our worship than our work.

…your wonderful deeds. Psalm 119:27

What might happen if we occupied our thoughts with His “wondrous acts” (ISV), or mediated on His “miracle-wonders” (MSG), or marveled over His “marvels” (WYC)?

I think it might change everything about how we do life.

Because the more we understand who He is and what matters to Him, the more we’ll fall silent and remain still, filled with holy awe and a sense of wonder. It’s the heart of worship, and it’s what He loves and deserves most.

Heavenly Father, help us to understand and meditate, to discern and contemplate, to be still and know. We have learned how to work. Teach us how to worship. Amen and amen.

Are you ready to answer the question I posed? What might happen if we focused on His wonderful deeds, rather than our own? Scroll down to share your thoughts.

On Tuesday, October 15 I chose three winners — Faye, April, and Pamela — to receive autographed copies of two of my best-selling children’s books, The Pumpkin Patch Parable and The Pine Tree Parable. Even so, your comments are always welcome here.

Thanks for opening God’s Word with me on this October day!

Your sister, Liz

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