Open Eyes, Open Heart


ChrismonWelcome, beloved! It’s our second Wonderful Wednesday, with more gold-and-white Chrismons that point to Christ, and more encouragement to go deeper in His Word this year.

Even one simple truth can reset our thinking and restart our spiritual engines. Ready to dive into this month’s WONDERFUL verse?

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18 


Open my eyes… Psalm 119:18

How often have we stumbled around, trying to find our own way? Now, at the start of a new year, we’re saying to the Lord, “open Thou mine eyes” (KJ21) so we can follow His leading, and “lighten thou mine eyes” (WYC) so we can be done with darkness, and “uncover my eyes” (LEB) so we can see what’s right in front of us: Him.

Because this is what we all long for…


…that I may see… Psalm 119:18

We not only want our eyes opened; we want the ability to see more clearly. To recognize God’s truth and reject the enemy’s lies. To focus on what matters. To not merely see, but “behold” (ASV). Oh, the power and majesty in that word!

With our eyes open wide, and our minds and hearts fully engaged, we can “examine” (CEB) His truth at length, “contemplate” (CSB) what it means in our lives, and “discover” (CEV) what He has for us this year and all the years to come.

And here’s what we’re going to find…


…wonderful things… Psalm 119:18

Truth that fills us with awe and overwhelms us with amazement. “Wondrous things” (ASV) that steal our breath (ASV). “Marvels” (WYC) beyond our imagining. “Great things” (NLV) only a great God could do.

This is the cry of our hearts: “Open my eyes to see the miracles” (EXB). They’re stirring inside us and unfolding all around us and waiting for us in His Word.


…in your law. Psalm 119:18

The word law can make us leery. We may see it as the opposite of grace, or a long list of rules, or something to be broken.

But here, God’s law means His “teachings” (ERV), His “Instruction” (CEB), the wisdom found in His “Torah” (TLV). In Psalm 119, by far the longest of all the psalms, each verse praises God’s Word, using many different names for it, including His commandments, His way, His testimonies, His precepts, His decrees, His truth, and yes, His law – all celebrating the wonderfulness of His divine revelation.


I fell in love with the Bible even before I fell in love with the One who wrote it. The beauty of the language captivated me. The timeless power of the stories thrilled my writer’s heart. In the end, it was His tender voice, leaping off the page, speaking directly to my soul, that demanded a response.

When we say yes to God, when we say yes to His Word and all the truth it contains, our lives are forever changed (and believe me, mine needed changing!). And He’s not done with us, beloved. The more we reflect on His Word, the more His Word is reflected in us.

What a blessing it is to open His Word with you today!


Suppose we memorize this wonderful verse? It’s only a dozen words. “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.” Psalm 119:18. Easy, right? Say it once more. You got it!

Now, get ready for 22 minutes of joy, enthusiasm, biblical teaching, and Lizzie on a roll, sharing the wondrous story of one of the Jesus Girls from the New Testament, a woman named Tabitha. Watch it right here, right now, recorded LIVE on our first Wonderful Wednesday in January.


Next week on Facebook, it’s our first Wonderful Wednesday Giveaway, with three new books from Sheila Walsh, Annie Downs, and Candace Payne.

So, about the Chrismons. Since many of you asked about where to buy them or how to make them, I found a few helpful resources, including a book, Chrismons Basic Series, some wooden Chrismons, and a description of all the Chrismon designs with instructions you can download. Next Christmas, you’ll be ready!

WonderfulCan you think of something WONDERFUL you discovered in God’s Word this week? Leave a comment. I’d love to read it and rejoice with you!

Your grateful sister,


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